Welcome to the KK&L Railroad
The Plywood Railroad

A look at the new tank car - Work in progress


The gauge of the Railroad's that I model are 7.5 and 1/87 HO scale. HO scale track is code 100 flex track.

The railroad runs on car-cards to send the product to the different companies on the layout.

The railroad is a working road that connects two other railroads together. (That makes it a Point to Point Railroad)

The layout is totally freelanced.

The towns and buildings are named after Friends and Family.

The layout covers 1500 sq ft of the basement with 850 ft of dual main line track.

We do have rail ops sessions with training classes.

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North West corner

Lighting the KK&L Railroad

Originally, the layout was illuminated with 75 watt incandescent bulbs. Over time, more energy-efficient bulbs were tried, but the lighting remained uneven and tough on the eyes. Finally, a solution was presented, using 3w LED bulbs housed in used cat food cans. The illumination is now consistent and yet does not strain eyesight when viewed for long periods.

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Maid spacers to hold the track in gauge

Running the Gauntlet: Solving a Switching Problem

One of the main curves of the layout had a switch at either end of the single track which no one could keep straight, resulting in head-on collisions and derailments. The fix was to hand-lay and install a Gauntlet at that spot. This is how it went.

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When you have a tight space to fill

In Howard yard I have a narrow area to put in some side tracks to run some cars into to make the area more interesting to work. So I designed a building that would take three cars on one side and two cars on the other. This turned into a Z building that when using plastic kits ended up being 2 inches wide. Each of the sides ended up 8 inches long.

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Building a Helix

I needed to go from one height to another in a small area. The way to do this is to run the track back and forth on the wall or fold it over its self. The track is at a 2.3 % grade with the height between the decks at 4 inches in height. It took some planning to get the front tracks to clear the rear tracks going down the grade. Each on of the sections had to be leveled and set to 2.3 % grade.

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Latest Articles

Rail Ops in July

This is a heads up, the date for the NMRA is July 21/2018 to have a rail ops. 23 members showed up.  9 went to lunch. Great to have the group over. This is what’s happening, we’ll be going to the railroad first, and operating after the meeting is over. The meeting will be at […]

NMRA AP Awards

Started working on my AP Awards in 2017. I have worked on them instead of the railroad. On some of them it was just filling out the paperwork. In January 2018, I picked up five AP Awards. Master Builder – Scenery Model Railroad Engineer – Civil Model Railroad Engineer – Electrical Chief Dispatcher Association Volunteer […]

Lift Bridge 2track to 3track Module

It all started with the trains running so long that the modules in the Club layout wouldn’t let but 4 trains run at a time, and when more were added there  were problems. The Club made the rules follow the NMRA standards set for modules. This is a lift bridge to let members get in […]

Making of a hand built module from scratch

For several years I have been working on making up two new modules for the Concord Area Model Rail Road Club. This is just to let people know that I have started them. The first one is the left side transition. Because there will be three tracks on the new modules, a track is needed […]

Adding Loads to the Coal Cars

Adding Loads to the Coal Cars is a way to show different trains. One that has empty cars and one that has full cars. I had a problem with the weight of the cars to. I had to add more weight to the cars so this helped. After some thought I came up with a […]

Weeds to Trees

Weeds to Trees is what starts in or around Labor-Day weekend. The weeds start out on the side of the road in uncut fields on the east side of the United States. I’ve seen them in North and South Carolina, Tenn, Kentucky, and Ohio. I have found the lost photo’s to show you what they […]

Railroad Modeling University

    Railroad Modeling University, Charlotte’s one-day program of clinics and workshops on model trains, is held on January 21, 2017. I will be presenting two clinics this time around. See the schedule of classes and register to attend by visiting the RMU 2017 page at the Carolina Southern Division of the NMRA. Hope to […]

Found an S curve in the layout

The railroad had a small problem with the two curves making an S curve on the railroad. This happens when the first curve ends and there is a second curve starting in a different direction that is to close to the first curve. The way to get rid of that is to put a straight […]

Video of the railroad by rail is out

OK, The video is out and it looks great. Many of the people that have seen it and have been very positive. Took three hours of running trains with Morgan and will be editing soon. As time allows us to complete the different video’s you will see them on the web page.

Speed Ballasting Clinic @ MER — October 21, 2016 in Raleigh

I taught a class at the MER Convention this October 21st in Raleigh. The title was “Speed Ballasting & Great Trackwork in Less Time“. Quickly installing track and ballasting that will perform well and look great is something that many modelers struggle with. This class shows how to do both accurately, yet rapidly. In this […]