2020 Progress

What to do during the winter time?

Needed something to take up my time during the winter months.

I was asked to build a riding car to go behind a engine so a new engine owner could have something to ride on and check out the hobby.

I got carried away and built four. Some of them had allot of detail on them.


I soon found out that the riders liked to sit lower on the car seat. So I made that happen.

Got to meet some new friends. Mister Sand Hill Crane

Many different route’s to follow.

Back to the HO size trains.

The new module is being built to have a standard three track 2’x4′ hook up to a curved module to make a inside turn. This way the layout can be in a U shape.

Latest addition to the railroad.

After a slight problem with the engine it was time to test out the improved engine.


The pulling force.

Lets not forget about track ballasting ( large scale). Starting to build new riding cars.

Till next year.