First full year of retirement photo's

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Things are getting busy.

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Time working is running out. Retirement is setting in.

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Winter time ended going to Florida.

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Side tracked in railroading to mix it up.

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The layout has received some additions for 2018.

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The layout has received some additions for 2017, including more trees and a new rail bridge with passing freight cars near Second Chance. Clovis Point has received a dusting of snow while the rails are protected by a covered bridge.

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Chain gang IMG_6462 IMG_6461



After multiple expansions, the railroad has reached its final size and dimensions in 2016. The majority of work on the layout now shifts to adding and refining scenery and lighting.

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IMG_6459 1365418357378 1115132105



In 2014 the railroad hit 10 years old. All the new construction had to be complete by October because my layout was one of the ones that NMRA members would be touring in the fall. We had to work hard to get everything up and running. Power under the railroad had to be hooked up. Chasing bugs in the electrical system was the most time-consuming of all.

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In 2012 I lost my work shop due to expansion of the railroad. The extension off of Sharonville Yard that contained Second Chance and Howard Yard was turned around and mounted on the opposite wall. The railroad then took over the outside wall to meet up with Second Chance and Howard Yard from the end of Sharonville. A second helix was also added to the railroad.

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Three different levels in Megan Gap Scratch built bridge Came off of Sharonville Yard



In 2009 the layout celebrated its 5 year anniversary, yet the basement was only half-covered with trains.  The benchwork and decking of the layout at this time was 95% recycled wood.

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