4-4-0 Steamer

Yes I went and picked up a steam engine.


I went and looked at it in July.

It has no power.


Pick it up and bring it to the loading area. Load it up and take it home in November.

I took apart the tender and rebuilt it.


Next take the Engine apart.


Many hours later the frame was bare.

Time to make parts.

It had a tin boiler. Found a pipe. Cut the pipe to size. Marked on the pipe for the rivets.

There was no suspension on the engine.

April of 2023

The motors came in so I set them in place to see how they fit.

Mounted the motors and added the top supports to the springs. Made up a spring support for the front truck.

Set the pipe for the boiler in place and added welds for rivets.

May of 2023

Small modifications to the engine.

Have to have a fire box door.

There comes a time when you have to disassemble the engine to put the final touches on it. That has started. The wheel had to be welded back up.

The wheels are on and tested for several hours to brake them in.

Installed the tube on the running gear. Cleaned up the painted bell.


Sitting on the floor of the garage.

It’s Time to travel to other layouts so look ahead to this project soon.

Labor Day weekend the engine took it’s first run.


Had to make the drivers on the sides of the Engine. Used skate board bearings to make the linkage work.

At Oakboro NC.                                               At Dreams Come True Cassatt SC.                 At Dunlap TN.


Pasco, Florida                                                   Dundee, Florida                                           Canton, Georgia.


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