2020 What a year

Went to Florida to run trains.

Was told that the seats were too high.

Picked up some lower mounts.

Stayed at home for my health.

Worked on a tank car to pass the time.

Worked on a boxcar to lube the trucks.

Started going out riding on the train.

Did some ballasting on the main.

Loaded up to run at WHQ.

Set up a train to have fun with.

After a while I started having problems and didn’t know what was happening.

Then came a train wreck. Thank goodness for the safety chains.

Time to modify the engine mounts before testing the engine again.

Still needing to fill time till the temp breaks, so I started on another project.

One of my favorite engines is the EMD GP 30. It has 4 axles under it. I wondered what it would look like if it had 6 axles under it to make it a SD 30. I got to drawing it out.

Just a start on a large 1/8th scale engine. Hope to make it a winter project.

    • Tom Maladecki on February 14, 2022 at 9:31 pm


    There was an article on building an SD-30 but it’s lost someplace in my memories. I did assemble parts needed to build (kitbash) one in HO scale but never got around to it, but I know exactly where it is. Basically, it is a Lionel GP-30 and an Atlas SD-35. The kitbashed body fits nicely on the Atlas frame.
    Have fun railroading,

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