When you have a tight space to fill


When I had a crazy idea to move the return end of the layout and pick it up over the original layout and mount it on a different wall. Some called it impractical and crazy to add on. I went with my heart and started right away. This added at least 30 ft to the layout. (bigger is better?) The track work that was on the board at that time was all pulled up. I needed some industries and a place to repair cars next to my work bench, also needed a place to work on engine’s.

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The new bench work is against the wall. It’s connecting the return track to the new yard on the other side. The center between the tracks is only one foot wide. This makes it hard to put an industries into place.  I started to make a building that wouldn’t take up much space, and the Z building was the result.









Sealed the bench work off with some second hand paint. Checked out the placement of the buildings and put some ballast down.









DPM makes great walls to do kit bashing. The building will end up with three docks on one side and two docks on the other.









When it was connected all the way around, I started coloring the windows to make it look like it was different buildings.









For a foundation I added a board and painted it look like concrete, then I added a roof. This makes a great scenery block from one side to the other. I added a grain industry next to it.









I put things on the roof and people on the platforms.








Now there are three platforms on one side and two on the other.






This shows the railroad facilities and the overpass, with the Second Chance passenger station on the right and the Z building in the background.







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