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Building cars

4 Scratch Build Cars Click on any photo to enlarge the photo 1. Flat Car 40′ HO Scale I started with a old sign that was thrown away. It was cut into strips  to be able to move it around. Even set up a work table at the railroad, so I can use the LED […]

Winter Work 7.5 Gauge

When you need a project for the winter. Think BIG Checking out the seats on the riding cars made me want to ride instead of sitting on my butt. Made a mock up of a flat car with a seat. Welded the car up.

Found an S curve in the layout

The railroad had a small problem with the two curves making an S curve on the railroad. This happens when the first curve ends and there is a second curve starting in a different direction that is to close to the first curve. The way to get rid of that is to put a straight […]

Recent Posts

4-4-0 Steamer

Yes I went and picked up a steam engine.   I went and looked at it in July. It has no power.   Pick it up and bring it to the loading area. Load it up and take it home in November. I took apart the tender and rebuilt it.   Next take the Engine […]

Dreams come true railroad

Traveled to South Carolina to ride the Mead 200. The layout had an open house the weekend we were there. Sept 20, 2021 Had to pick a rout to go straight off of the turntable. I picked the woods. I like a good tunnel. It sure was dark inside. It was also very long. I […]

What do you do after Retirement ?

What do I do now? I was asked if I could build some more riding cars. One that was half gondola and flat car. Well I started to work on a blue print of the car. Went and picked up some steel and started welding. Cut up the metal and put the rivets on the […]

Building of a flat car 7.5

I have built flat cars in the past.     A problem came up that it is hard to ride on a bench seat for any length of time. I have worked on building a car that can carry more than one person.  Here I go…   The normal car I build is 4 feet […]

2021 End of Summer Heat

OK so it’s the end of summer and the temp is slowly going down. That means it’s time to start building again. I like my fish belly car so what about building more? Started with Two and it grew to Five cars. Three = 6 footers and two =  4 footers. Went and welded stake […]

Digitrax Control Knob Replacement

After twelve years of having many operation sessions on the KK&L Railroad, the knobs on the Digitrax controllers have ether broken off, or the train will not stop when the knob is turned off. The Potentiometers are plastic that are in the controllers. I’m going to replace them. Click on any photo to enlarge it. […]

Fall of 2020

Now that the fall is setting in. I have new projects to work on. I have picked up a new tool and built a cart to hold it. I will be building a new set of riding cars with different options. First I have to build a table. I have already started on two cars […]

Concord Area Model Railroad Club

The Concord Area Model Railroad Club has started up with some meetings. The Club has been asked to go to the North Carolina Transportation Museum in May. So  Keep in touch with the group.

AP Chief Dispatcher

Just a update to the ones that check in. The railroad is back up and running. The track is in the cleaning and repairs to get it back to running status. In 2020 the time’s have been cancelled / postponed as a result of the COVID-19 virus and resulting quarantines. There will be several Operation […]

2020 What a year

Went to Florida to run trains. Was told that the seats were too high. Picked up some lower mounts. Stayed at home for my health. Worked on a tank car to pass the time. Worked on a boxcar to lube the trucks. Started going out riding on the train. Did some ballasting on the main. […]