Weeds to Trees

Weeds to Trees is what starts in or around Labor-Day weekend. The weeds start out on the side of the road in uncut fields on the east side of the United States. I’ve seen them in North and South Carolina, Tenn, Kentucky, and Ohio. I have found the lost photo’s to show you what they look like in the wild. The first three photo’s are showing the side of the road and then zooming in to get a close up of the weed, so you can locate the weeds. The fourth shot was at my neighborhood.

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I went out and picked as many of the weeds as I could while my wife waited on me to get done. I took her out for some real ICE CREAM afterwards. The weeds start opening up their seed pods the very next day. I then took them out of the box and painted them so the seed pods will not fall off the stalk.








I went to Lowe’s to pick up some cheep paint. The weeds look better if the stalk is painted and the seed pods then won’t fall off the stalks. I use a glove to stop me from painting one hand.










I took a weed out of the box and sprayed it with the paint to lock all the seed pods on to the weed’s stalk. The photo shows the two weeds before and after. The small leaves are removed to clean up the stalk. The reason the pods are painted is that when the pods open up they drop the seeds. The top of the weed will have ground foam added to it to fill in the top of the weed to make a great tree canape. The “weed” then turns into a tree.









This is what one box looks like painted up. I had to go back and lock some more seed pods in place. The area that I will be doing the trees in is the Howard yard area of the layout. I will have before and after photo’s.









Here is a shot that will show the trees after five years on the layout. The trees are the same weeds I just picked. I will have more photo’s to come.










Set the trees on the layout to fill in area’s that looked bare and needed a boost in scenery.











Dedicated to my Dad   Feb 24th

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