Building of a flat car 7.5

I have built flat cars in the past. Second car I built on the left.



A problem came up that it is hard to ride on a bench seat for any length of time. I have worked on building a car that can carry more than one person.  Here I go…


The normal car I build is 4 feet long. The car with two seat is 6 feet long. That’s equal to a 40 foot car.

With some extra’s to be added here is the seat mounts.

The seat pedestal that I use are modified from the left.  single seat will swivel. Double seat one will swivel { unless asking for two non swivel pedestal’s.

The OAK wood decking is made at home for the cars that order the raw wood decking.

The wood above is left over flooring that has been cut to fit on the cars. The last picture is the board set into place on the car.

Boards layed out on the cars. Poly coated the cars.

Single seat and dual seat cars loaded to go to Florida.

Delivered car to new owner.


    • Mark McAllister on January 16, 2022 at 12:16 pm


    Very nice work! I can’t wait to see the finished 4′ engineer car.

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