2021 End of Summer Heat

OK so it’s the end of summer and the temp is slowly going down. That means it’s time to start building again.

I like my fish belly car so what about building more?

Started with Two and it grew to Five cars. Three = 6 footers and two =  4 footers.

Went and welded stake pockets on the outer frames.

Went and practice welding spots to make it look like there is rivets along the car.

Assembled the car to see how it looks before welding it up.

After all the cars are welded and stacked out of the way I started final assembly.

Time to paint to see how it looks.

    • John OConnell on October 17, 2021 at 2:02 pm


    I really enjoyed reading the information you have on your website definitely lighting was one of the things that I really need to work on when getting ready to do it on my own layout, being that the town of Mooresville where I live that they have ginormous parks that to me would be excellently suitable for a co-partnership with a live steam Railroad dude be gifted to use the space which they have a crazy amount of acreage over a different Terrain would just be ideal for a steam railroad to run in and for the public to enjoy seeing it operate always been a dream of mine but probably will never come to fruition but we can dream can’t we? I think that is so awesome that you got this going for many years now you’re living the dream for the rest of us

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